An all-white rose arrangement for perfect congratulations

Picture this: You kept the midnight oil burning to complete a task given by your manager.  And the day you completed that task, you are sent a message saying “Well done” or maybe “congratulations”. Won't it bring a smile to your face? Congratulatory messages, indeed, are an integral part of communication. No matter how big or small a task is, if you achieve it, it calls for recognition and acknowledgment. And what makes congratulatory messages more attractive is a bouquet of flowers attached along with the message.

Why express congratulations through flowers?

Flowers are a very appropriate gift to give to someone while saying congratulations. Their beauty and elegance fill the heart of the achiever with happiness and make them feel proud that they have achieved something really great. The floral gifts can be given an emotional touch with the help of a personal message attached to them if offered to somebody close to you. However, in the case of a colleague, employee or employer, where you might not be sure what they like, a professional florist would be able to assist you in choosing the most appropriate floral arrangement.

Flowers are not only the right epitome of appreciation and respect, but they also have a universal appeal. Meaning, you can enclose a bouquet for achievements not only in the professional front, but also in personal life like the arrival of a new born in your friend's family.

White roses and congratulatory messages

There are many divine traits associated with the colour white.  It is the symbol of marriage, innocence, purity, sincerity and virtue. So, combining your congratulatory message with a bouquet of white roses will show the recipient the sincere tone of your message. Since it is the colour of purity, white roses are given with a clear conscience and with no hidden or ill feelings. This is another reason why white roses can be an apt choice for congratulatory messages.

Offer congratulations through the serene Chamonix bouquet

Chamonix is a bold and modern floral arrangement that packages the white roses in a special way: a bright square of white like snow capped mountains against the green below – symbolic of the heights of success.  For all its charm and sincere tone, the Chamonix may prove to be your authentic choice to offer “Well done” message to your near and dear ones as also your colleagues. What's more, you can also pen a message on the free card that comes along with the gift.

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