8 Amazing Health Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa, or what people usually pronounce it as “keen-wa” has long been regarded as natural beneficial ingredient that is good for your overall health and skin. Quinoa, actually is a type of wheat that you can totally opt for your daily starchy grains.

People classify quinoa as two types, the red and creamy white and the other is the creamy one. Generally, this type of food will taste as nuts and beans. However, once they are cooked, you will find that it is a bit biter compared to the normal one. And after you cook quinoa, it is easy that you might find that they can slowly turn into the white color. Quinoa are more commonly found or even originate from South America (for years now). And since that day, it has long been widely used in many parts of the world and the most common region is probably South America. Eventually, people in UK and US started using it and making it staple in the kitchen. They even use them instead of their age old grains. This must because that quinoa has lots of benefits or nutritious properties that are good for your health.

Following are some of the most typical health benefits of quinoa you should know so that you can get the best out of this food.

1. Digestive support
It is the fact that if you want to boost your digestive system, it is ideal that digest something rich in fiber. In such case, the high amount of fiber is one of the most effective tools that help you to boost digestive system to work. Due to this reason, the food that you should really make on the list is quinoa for it can offer up to 10-16 grams of fibers in every 100 grams. This is almost equal to most grains you can find around you. When you supply fiber to your body, you should drink as much as water as you can since it can absorbs lots of water within your body.

However, just like other type of food, it is not so good when you consume too much of it and you should have the diet for eating quinoa. The reason is, most fiber present in quinoa is insoluble fiber that is not as good as soluble fiber to your health.

The recommended amount you should consume every day is about 1 cup with a little bit of milk. For those who want to lose weight, this should be the perfect choice you can go for instead of eating your carbs out every day.
Moreover, you can also find more information and remedies for other digestive problems such as Home Remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

2.  Blood Sugar Control
The truth is, quinoa has high amount of glycemic index that works wonders to stimulate hunger and in the meantime, it acts as a tool to control the sugar blood level of yours. Besides, quinoa contains essential minerals namely manganese, phosphorus, coppers and best of all, it does offer people with antioxidants. These are all properties you need in order to refrain blood sugar.

3. Good for your Blood
The fact is, quinoa is rich in iron, a very essential nutrient that is needed for your blood cells. They can carry oxygen to our blood thanks to high concentration of hemoglobin formation. Besides, it works wonderfully to increase brain function so that you can work effectively at work.
For those who are in trouble with blood contraction and in short of blood, quinoa should be the healthy food you need to eat on a regular basis along with practicing exercise and eating other nutritious organic foods and fruits.

4. Weight loss
The fact for people who want to lose weight is that they should opt for food with high amount of fiber. In order to have a diet with balanced nutritious and fiber, you should cooperate quinoa into your diet. This food is super high in protein and fiber and once you consume, they will eventually release into your bloodstream. This will boost digestive system to work efficiently without adding too much calories.
Quite similar to the above, the most common way to consume quinoa is to cook it and consume instead of your daily grains.

5. Good for your Skin
When it comes to taking care of skin, there will be lots vitamins and minerals that you need in order to have perfect glowing skin. Usually, you will find some advice such as eating healthy and drinking a lot such as organic food and stuff. Quinoa should also be on the list as well for it is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that your skin need.

6. Energy boost
The thing you might not know about quinoa is that it is also super rich in protein or in another way, it is high density of amino acids. These properties are very crucial to your body to produce energy so that your daily performance can be well improved. Along with red meats, you can include quinoa into your diet to eat every day if you want to maintain sufficient amount of energy.

7. Manganese Rich ingredient
This is regarded as the antioxidant rich ingredient in the list of natural supplement you can find around the house. Thanks to the density of manganese, it can help you to prevent mitochondria during energy production. This is one important process that helps you to stay away from blood cells as well as other cells from injury triggered by free radicals. Therefore, eating quinoa can also one of the best ways to prevent cancers.

8. Riboflavin-rich
Riboflavin or we usually refer it as B2 vitamin. This property works wonders in improving metabolism of brain and cells. Therefore, it would be best food supplement before and after playing sports without feeling dizziness.

About the Author:
This article is written by Ashley Bennet, a co-owner of AuthorityRemedies. I have worked and trained in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 3 years, consistently providing people with useful information about nutrition as well as helping them with their common health problems.

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