Grenada’s top events & festivals: A unique way to explore the Spice Island

Even if you plan staying on the beach the entire day, there’re dozens of events and festivals to make every moment special. Grenada is a safest and friendliest island in all Caribbean with a distinct touch of hospitality and culture.

If you hold or plan applying for Grenada passport soon enough, make the most of it by participating in many different events coming to the Spice Island in 2017. Here’s a list to begin with;

1. Fish Friday

In the west coast town of Gouyave, every Friday is known as Fish Friday that starts from six in the morning all day long. The town’s located just about 45 minutes from the capital St. George where streets are sprawled with vendors selling fresh fish meal of almost every type. Whether you’re into grilled, fried, steamed or barbecue, vendors serve all sorts of fishes served with fresh fruit juice and beer. Fish Friday is a symbol of celebrating food, fun and entertainment for the entire family.

2. Grenada sailing carnival work boat competition

The liveliest and fun-filled event takes place at the Grand Anse beach with a line of locally crafted boats and crew belonging to many different communities that land on the island for competition. The seas give a perfect combination of bright coloured sails in January and February. Yachtsman put their skills to test in a series of exciting race that’s totally electrifying.

3. Carriacou carnival

Carriacou is a small sister island of Grenada famous for a grand annual event known as the Carriacou Carnival. You’ll find the streets all busy with day and night parties, music bands and colourful processions.

4. Grenada International Triathlon

The International Triathlon features racing games with a promise to raise your hairs in excitement. The marathon or Triathlon is hosted at Port Louis Marina with roads and racecourses lined with cool sports bikes. Multiple activities are organised for all ages including adults and children along the streets of the Kirani James Boulevard; titled after Grenada’s 400 metre Olympic champion.

5. Grenada Chocolate Festival

Ever heard of a festival with a pure chocolate theme! If not, make the most of Grenada passport by participating in various events and activities themed after chocolate, organised by True Blue Bay Resort. The number of events includes a visit to cocoa farmers, chocolate factory of Grenada and you’ll also learn how to prepare different cuisines with chocolate as a main ingredient.

6. The Fisherman’s Birthday

Yet another exciting festival in the fishing village of Gouyave includes sail boat racing, a grand street parade and a greasy pole competition. It’s titled as the Fisherman’s Birthday and something you can’t afford to miss!

7. “Spicemas Festival” carnival

Starts in July and last till early August, entire Spice Island (Grenada) is lighted up celebrating its love of music, creative art, colour and carousing. The Spicemas Festival gives a true taste of Caribbean with dazzling costumes, all-night music and dance till your feet hurt in an amazing way.


With 2017 just ahead, it’s time to plan an ultimate vacation on the Spice Island with a Grenada passport.

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