Keep your baby’s skin soft and tender

A new born baby has a very sensitive skin. It is very soft and thus it needs the best care. The soft and suppleness of your baby’s skin is what you want to retain for a longer time. You do not want it to be dry and flawed and affected soon. Do you? So there has to be a special regime to take care of your baby’s skin. Just like you take care of your baby’s sleep, their feeding habit, and everything else, you have to keep an eye on their skin care as well.
There are some easy steps to follow to retain the softness of your baby’s skin and take care of their sensitivities. It is the best to use soft skin products for them which are especially made for them. Mama earth organic skin products are particularly made for kids and they are made in keeping mind the sensitivity of the baby’s skin.
There are some other basic things that the parents need to follow to keep their baby’s skin soft and smooth.
  • It is a good idea not to expose the baby too much to the sun. In fact, direct sunlight is not at all good for baby’s skin if they are less than 6 months old age. If you go out with your child when the sun is strong you need to protect them by making them wear clothes which will cover them up in a good way. Long sleeve dresses and pants can be good choice for that. Take an umbrella or cover their stroller. You can use a sun screen cream or lotion which is especially made for them and that will save them from ultra violet rays. Make them wear socks to protect their feet.
  • If the baby is very young, you actually don’t have to bathe them on a regular basis. Excess use of water on their skin can actually dry them up. Their tender skin loses their softness due to this. Take them for a bath only thrice a week till they are crawling and before they start to eat solid foods and messing themselves up. You can go for sponge baths for your babies. Sponging them regularly will keep them clean enough and you can clean the diaper area with mild baby soap every day.
  • When a baby is born your friends and relatives will shower them with gifts, new toys and new pretty clothes. Do not forget to wash them well before your baby wears those beautiful soft clothes. This is because the clothes are bought from an outside store and it may have caught outside germ or dust which is strictly not good for your babies’ skin. Washing them with a gentle soap which is made for the child will make it good for your babies’ skin. They also will not get hold of any outside infection due to this. In fact, the detergent that you use to wash your babies’ clothes, you can also use them to wash your clothes and also other’s in the family who remains close to the baby. This will save the baby from any kind of infection that can be generated through garments.
There are mama earth organic skin products which will take care of the rest. It will jell to retain the suppleness of the babies’ skin longer.

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