Feng Shui Tips for a Happy and Harmonious Villa

While thinking about owning a home, one place that rushes into many of the youngsters’ minds is Bangalore. Being the IT hub of India, the city for its culture, exponential growth in terms of employment, fashion, houses, climate, etc has always attracted the youth who aspires for getting a job and settling down in Bangalore. The city has undergone a drastic development in the last decade, so much so that it is spreading out in a daily basis in order to accommodate the ever increasing inflow of people.
Once, a job and a decent pay is accomplished, the next thing that anybody wants to acquire is a dwelling of his/her own. Bangalore has infinite options for this as well. Flats, villas, penthouses, duplexes, studio apartments, individual houses, and so on. There are a variety of options to choose from. Plots near international airport Bangalore like Devanahalli are the latest pick among home buyers and residential plots, flats, and villas in these areas are being sold as hot cakes.
There are buyers who show extreme interest in Gated community system of living as well. Once a house is bought, it is the sheer responsibility of the owner to make it a home and this indeed is a tough task to accomplish. Everything from the interior, furniture, appliances, cutlery, curios, bed linens, cushion covers, dispensers, bath room accessories, etc should all reflect the mood and personality of the person living there.
Vastu is one of the important factors that Indians are concerned of while constructing or buying a house. However, with time the approach towards Vastu has also changed as more people have started living in apartments. Chinese equivalent for the same, popularly known as Feng Shui is being preferred by many these days. Feng Shui along with taking care of sustaining the positive energy, which is its main aim, also beautifies the home with the things it uses to accomplish the same.
Feng Shui is a Chinese system of creating harmonious surroundings similar to Vastu. The principle of Feng Shui is that everything and everyone has a certain energy known as ‘chi’. The arrangement of the objects around us can affect the flow of energy and therefore has a direct impact on our health and living style. If taken care of, then certain Feng Shui tips can be very effectively used to sustain the positivity and good charm in the home.
Some basic Feng Shui tips are as follows:
Avoid cluttering
This is one important aspect that elevates the personality of the house irrespective of it being a part of Feng Shui or not. However, according to Feng Shui clutter-free homes provide ample path for positive energy to circulate whereas the negative energy to go out. Only keeping the bare essentials and letting a lot of free space not only helps positive energy to circulate but also makes the room look airy and spacious. One also learns the technique of throwing out the things that are not in use and is just using up the space. Also broken or damaged things should be replaced or mended as it attracts negative energy or creates a bad ‘chi’. Bulbs that are not working and clocks that have stopped ticking are a complete ‘No’ according to Feng Shui.
Choose the colour theme very carefully
Feng Shui suggests so because colour has direct connection with the mood of a person and reflects his/her tastes. Therefore, it is very important to use colours that are soothing and don’t seem boring to the people living there. The colour combination used in the family area should especially be the choice of the entire family. This is expected to bring the family together over a cup of coffee to their favourite spot where they talk and share things and in turn pools in a lot of positive energy. The colour theme of the bedroom should also be light as it propagates positivity, which is very important for good sleep and in turn keeps the body healthy.
Clean and well organised kitchen
According to the Feng Shui manual, kitchen is the epi-centre of a harmonious home as it represents wealth and prosperity. Therefore, keeping the kitchen clean and in an organised manner clearly indicates that wealth and lots of positive energy is being drawn into the house.
Greenery and Music is a must
By placing indoor plants the amount of positivity and charm that enters the house is tremendous and the people living there get a direct connect with the nature. Adding some wind chimes will also bring a great difference by cutting the silence with the sweet music played by the air that brings in happiness with it.

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