Talent Management: The Global War For Talent

Talent management is an ongoing process which systematically identifies, develops & retains the top talent to meet the present & future business needs & goals. In the broadest sense, it’s all about putting the right people with the right skills in the right role at the right time. These days employers need to develop a talent management strategy right away because both talent & leadership continue to be scarce. There are only fewer qualified employees & leaders who are entering the workforce to replace the old ones who are leaving to retire. This problem remains acute. To keep pace with the rapidly changing business environment of the 21st century, companies need to practice the best of talent management strategy. The way of managing talent is a game-changer for the organizations which is absolutely essential for keeping the best talent & achieving the best results. The successful organizations know the worth of every investment & they take a great deal of time to apply the metrics for measuring the impact of the investment on talent management strategy & performance management. It’s a matter of choosing the right metrics which will make sense for your organization. Talent management is more than a mere business goal or objective. The process of talent management includes a journey towards consistently higher levels of effective performance which helps the employers to stay ahead of the curve.

Supported by the cutting edge integrated technology solutions, talent management is a real process changer which allows the personal data collected while recruiting & during the time of onboarding so that applications including payroll, core hr functions are done seamlessly. This also helps the managers to make decisions using real-time data. Talent management is all about meeting the strategic needs of the organization by having the appropriate people. A good talent management program involves effective goal management which enables the organization to build up a true competitive advantage to align the workforce. In this way, the employees will understand how their goals are connected to organization’s goals & objectives. This enables the entire team to pull in the same direction altogether. This is great for getting every individual to use & develop their skills & talent in a successful way. But to be successful, the goal management has to be systematic & visible for everyone. Everyone need to see how they’re contributing to the overall goal of the organization. This should be an ongoing process to measure the impact of the talent management strategy for improving customer experience, sales growth & income growth.

Organizations have to grow with the global needs & they have to focus to enhance their workforce & management. The modern hr practices such as talent management are improving the performance of modern working teams & management.

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  1. I think it is the right time for people to take Talent management seriously. I do agree with the author here with lack of talent it is crucial to actually maintain the talent one has! Great work.


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