How can HR gain knowledge from the journey of Marketing?

The function of human resource management is undergoing a sea change. There is a shift from HR’s emphasis on administration to a focus on various HR practices falling in line with the business goals and values of C-level. This is very much like the challenges faced by the marketing department recently and HR can learn a lot from the recent journey of the marketing department.
The crossing path between HR and marketing departments

About thirty years ago, marketing was not that popular as a major at several universities and colleges. It was a concentration at the business schools and has evolved into a big industry with several marketing specialists. The same thing is replicating to the HR functions. More specifically, some would advocate the fact that the HR profession has emerged as an industry, as it has already created several specialized areas of services and products related to HR.

Marketing and HR strike a similar bond when it comes to perceptions, tasks, and generalized labels. Very much like marketing professionals, HR professionals must gain a better knowledge of business goals, align all their HR-related efforts to maximize these business goals, and find different measurable ways to show return on investment. It, therefore, calls for a better collaboration between HR professionals and marketers in order to strengthen the HR efforts to move the company ahead that, too, more effectively.

Industry veterans believe that there would be a better alignment between marketing goals, HR goals, business goals, and success of the company. Like marketing, HR should be well aware of the factors that drive employees and customers and how various perspectives of all other departments leave an impact.

Once you have a better understanding of all such things, it is then all about clearly conveying the analysis you have made to the higher management and making the best use of the data to support a position properly. Since both marketing and HR enhance the level of automation required to stay in line with a younger and more digitally connected workforce, along with the growing requirements for more data-based analysis, it is therefore easier to miss the woods for the trees.

Marketing and HR are the departments that depend on their capability to get a better understanding of the audience they cater to. The scopes to work in tandem to manage an organization’s workforce to cater to the requirements of the external customers are boundless.  

If you are a HR professional, do remember that your marketing counterpart require you at the table. So, go and gear up and get your seat at the table. Believe it or not, your marketing counterparts are always ready to assist you in gaining success.

And to stay better prepared, opt for HR certifications. In today’s time, when HR practices are witnessing a seismic shift and talent management is steadily becoming an important cog for organizational success, HR certification will help your company’s HR functions more advanced and future-ready.


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