How to keep a car clean & maintained?

A clean and spotless car is a fact for some while fantasy for others. If you’re struggling to keep a car clean, the details provided below would surely come in handy. While cleaning a car is one thing, keeping it maintained takes discipline however it isn’t all that complicated. There’re many different advantages in keeping a car neat for instance stress-free and comfortable ride, reduced risk of theft or injury. Find out how to clean your car and keep it maintained in the long run!

 Store/park in the garage
When left out in the open, a car is at the mercy of elemental forces such as wind, rain, leave, dirt and other such stuff. Even tree sap can end up on your car leaving behind a horrendous mess which is twice difficult to clean. For all these reasons, it’s crucial that you store or park the vehicle in a garage for maximum protection. Those without garage must use a car cover especially when not in use and the surrounding environment is dusty.

Never eat in the car
No doubt, eating in the car cabin is convenient and saves time but, it only spell certain problems for cleanliness. There’re times when stains, spills and crumbs happen even if one’s a careful eater and driver. So the only way to avoid this particular mess is not eating in the car at all or keep a handy bin to discard wrappers, cartons and other such stuff.

Knock the shoes
Before getting in the car cabin, knock, stomp and brush your shoes to shake loose the dirt, debris, snow and other such stuff. It’s obvious that car mat accumulate lots of dirt and debris from the boots so just taking a precautionary step before stepping in the car would only help in maintaining cleanliness.

Don’t let the mess linger
Remove the mess as it happens without playing idle as lingering mess encourages more mess. Those stains sitting on the upholstery are twice tough to remove if dried for good. The only solution, nip the mess and stain in the bud as they happen thus preventing them from spreading further and setting in deep.

A place for trash
Sooner or later, trash do happen in the car and it’s possible you lack the time to clean upon reaching the desired destination. To avoid such as situation and leaving the mess intact, always keep a handy trash bag or bin and do remember to empty it up when stopping by at the gas station.

Floor mats
Floor mats; no matter where you put them, are especially designed to collect the debris and dirt before it reaches the cleaner floor, carpet or upholstery. All-weather car floor mats are an excellent and long-term investment to keep the car cabin clean and smooth. Just vacuum them once every week for best results.

All the above steps would help in keeping the car clean and maintained in the long run. Even if the vehicle gets messy, cleaning would be easier since you’re already taking precautions. This pretty much answer the question how to clean your car! Get more information here:

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