5 Reasons Why You Should Check Your Content For Being Unique

For your business site or blog to be successful your content MUST be unique.
Originality of content is not just good ethics, but a necessity nowadays.

Content for Being Unique
Sure, you always want to save on content, hire a outsource Indian, Ukrainian, or other former-USSR country student to write inexpensive content just to fill your site. You get the content, but something doesn’t work Google doesn’t rank it as high as you expected. Your friend’s dont say Wow! When they see your texts and users don’t find them attractive.

But, worst thing, all of a sudden there comes a call accusing you of stealing someones content and promises to meet in court, or demands of compensations. Where was the mistake?

The answers simple your content must be not only interesting, but also unique.
Making unique content in copy-paste era isnt that easy. Many texts look very similar to other texts. If there 500000 businesses selling cars, chances are that the content of, at least some of their web-pages will look almost the same.
Being unique is difficult in this situation and unique content is really worth resources.

If you work with content seriously, if your business or reputation relies on your web-representation, you need to check your contents originality.

Especially, if you accept guest blogs, information from unreliable sources, outsource new people, or deal with unknown freelancers or reporters. For those people who produce texts – professional copywriters, “rewriters”, authors, and content-producers theres always a temptation to use some template or example that has worked previously. And sometimes some get so lazy/tired/pressed with tasks, that they dont care much about modifying their templates to proper scale.
Best thing to ensure your texts originality in such situation is to become friends a regular client with some pro-level originality/plagiarism checking company like ContentPlagiarismChecker.com with advantageous pricing system to regular clients.

So, no matter if you are a professional blogger or business-site owner, the main threats of duplicate/poorly rewritten content and, therefore, reasons to check it for being unique are:

1. Poor Search Engine attitude and SEO ranking. Google doesn’t “like” duplicate texts. Neither do other search engines.

2. Loss of clients and colleagues reputation: “Look at that guy – he has just copied his sites articles from an Indian site, taking no care even to correct poor grammar!”

3. Copyright problems that can go as far as to the court and compensations payments.

4. Copy-paste is boring, creative texts are in value from internet marketing point of view. In any kind of content production creative always means unique. If your site is similar to your competitors, whats the reason to choose yours among others? Unique and creative content with proper design can become a serious advantage for your business.

5. Pasting copy-pasted, stolen, or poorly-rewritten texts you contribute to bad-text ethics all over the Web, and it sums to the snow-ball effect of low-quality content flooding the Internet in recent years.

The ancients used to say: forewarned is forearmed. Check your new content and enjoy the fruit it brings!

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