Why Is India Becoming A Hub For Heart Treatments

India has a wide history in medical science. It has been said and proved again and again that Indian sages were greatest scientists of all time as they had researched on and practiced surgeries and many such other medical science theories and facts which are being discovered now. With such a vast history India is yet again growing in the field of medical science. One of the major areas of medical science where India has grown is cardiology/ heart disease.
Heart Diseases In India

Though it could be justified here that need is the mother of invention as cardiovascular diseases have lately become the leading cause of mortality in India. In India’s case not the invention but the development in this area is because of the growth in number of heart patients and also the number of deaths due to CVD (cardiovascular diseases). In India 52% of people die due to CVD before the age 70, which in comparison to other countries is quite high. The reason being the high consumption of tobacco, low consumption of fruits, unawareness among lower socioeconomic group about the symptoms and risks, etc.

The growth in medical world in India can be justified as not only medical practitioners of India are amongst the leading practitioners of the world, but also patients from different parts of the world are visiting India for treatment. Heart surgeries are intricate and need skilled and experienced hands for treatment. India has become a leading destination for heart treatment as cardiac surgery in India is possible at low cost as well as with high level of expertise. According to various researches, India is now becoming the hub for heart treatments in Southeast Asia. Patients flying down to India for their heart treatments are not just from the neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, but also from far off countries like Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, etc.

Reasons India Is Preferred For Cvd’s Treatment

Cost Efficiency
 In comparison to global standards the rates of cardiovascular surgery in India is very miniscule. From angioplasty, open heart surgery, installation of artificial pacemakers to heart transplants, all such treatments are available in 1/10th rate in comparison to United States and Britain. Thus patients prefer coming down to India instead of flying to other countries.

High Expertise And Quality Of Treatment
Though low treatment cost is a major reason for India becoming the center of attraction for heart patients, but there is another reason which is equally important for growth of foreign patients visiting India and that is the high expertise and quality of treatment. India's best cardiologist, explain that the high success rates of heart transplants are one of the major reasons for people with great risks and specially when the case is critical and children under the age of 10 or 15 are the patients. In such cases foreign patients or even in that case Indian patients trust Indian practitioners for their quality of treatment.

Availability Of Heart
The success rates have improved with awareness programs people are made aware about the benefits and need of donating organs. Thus people are now voluntarily donating hearts in India and thus the rate of availability of hearts have also increased making the country a better place for heart treatments with yet another major factor.

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