All that you need to know about your pregnancy

Are you thinking about having a child? Do you want to make sure that you are pregnant and want to have a healthy and happy pregnancy, right up to your nursing days? Well then you and your loved ones can make sure that you do!
From finding out that you are pregnant to counting your pregnancy contractions timing and rushing to labour, there are some basic and fundamental points that will never fail you. Well, if you are seriously thinking about gearing up for pregnancy then there are a few things that you need to remember:

1. First things first, you need to know the right time for you to get pregnant. You have to make sure that more or less everything in your life is in order with a steady flow of income so that you are ready to bear a child and the related expenses. It is very important to talk it out with your partner and plan out a pregnancy together in the ideal circumstance. Biologically speaking you are most likely to ovulate in the 14-16th day of your menstrual cycle and this is the ideal time to get pregnant. So you can also plan out your calendar like that if you are thinking about getting pregnant soon.

2. If you miss your period or you get the feeling that you might be pregnant, the ideal thing to do would be to get a pregnancy test tool kit and get the test done. The morning urine is what the tests ask for and is the ideal way to get to know the right results. Though pregnancy tests are rarely faulty, it is best to get the test done twice in a gap of about a week or so to be sure about the results.

3. Once you see a positive result on the tool kit, it is the time to go to a doctor. Fix a doctor that you would like to consult through the entire period of pregnancy. Make sure that when your due date is calculated, the same doctor is there to guide you through labour or perform a c-section on you. It is necessary to build a rapport and trust in your doctor so that you can confide in her/him in case of any difficulty. Fix monthly appointments to get yourself checked from time to time so that you can keep a track of your pregnancy.

4. It is very important to keep yourself active during your pregnancy, until and unless you have serious complications and your doctor advices you not to. Attend birthing classes with your partner and go for slight jogging or running in the morning. Go out socialize and do not confine yourself in your home. This will help in lifting up your spirits.

5. And last but not the least, as the due date approaches, keep a bag ready with which you can rush to the hospital once labour begins. You are ideally to visit the hospital when the contractions are just 5-10mins apart.

Pregnancy can be easy-breezy if you follow some basic guidelines. All the best!

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