5 Things You Should Know about Using Computer after LASIK

Lasik is the laser eye surgery meant to enhance the vision. People, undergoing any procedure, want to see good results. When it comes to LASIK, over 700,000 procedures are performed each year. Over 95% people are satisfied with the difference it brings to their vision. 90% of people get 20/20 vision.

Since most of the patients get outstanding results with LASIK, they also need to be careful when it comes to using a computer right after the surgery. Let's discuss in details:

Don’t Use Computer in the First Day after Surgery

For patients, it’s imperative not to use their computers a few days after LASIK Surgery. It's mainly about facing the screen that's why it goes the same with smartphone or tablets.  

Make sure to avoid watching television and playing video games as well. It's important to be careful about this otherwise eyestrain might occur and can seriously affect the healing process. Thus, prevention is better than cure.

Gradually Return to Normal Activities

Apparently, one has to return to the normal activities. But it's essential not to go sudden. Therefore, start using computer and face screens slowly in the days after LASIK surgery. Don't do it the next day right after having the surgery. Since it's a crucial phase, one has to prevent eyestrain. Therefore, let it heal properly and return to the routine after a few days.

Screen Facing Makes LASIK Side Effects Worse

According to the experts, using the computer after a few weeks of surgery can worsen the side effects. This may result in eyestrain and dry eyes. It's all due to the decreasing blinking rate while staring at the monitor. Consequently, there would be less eye moisture and potential eye fatigue.

If the patient comes across these issues, here're a few things they can do;
  • Using eye drops consistently as prescribed can help
  • Make sure to take frequent breaks from computer use

Use eyedrops as prescribed

Eye drops not only provide necessary moisture but also minimize itchiness, redness and irritation. Make sure to have them handy after undergoing any sort of eye surgery.

If you have to face your computer screen for longer at the workplace, having eye drops can be very helpful. Therefore, just use the eyedrops any time you feel dryness in the eyes.

Take frequent breaks from Computer

In order to prevent eyestrain and dry eye syndrome, it's essential to take regular breaks. Many patients just can't decide how often they should take breaks. In that case, the 20-20-20 Rule is just perfect to get along with. Look 20 feet away from the computer for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes.

This will not only help patients to avoid eyestrain and other serious issues but also speed up the healing after the Laser eye surgery Abu Dhabi.


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