Importance of Installing & Maintaining Valve Stem and Caps?

It's essential to preserve the air pressure in your car tyre in order to drive it at its regular state. The major purpose of the tyre valve stem caps is to protect the stem against unfavorable rather harsh environment conditions. Moreover, it's also supposed to prevent any sort of accumulation of dust. As we all know, the valve shoot happens to be an entrance gate of air. If it's not protected completely or properly, it's may lead to the deterioration within a short time and that, obviously, you don't want.

If this happens, the sealant at the bottom of the valve turn start to lose the stability that leads to the air leakage. It's really important to prevent this in order to avoid accidents ad any sort of damage to the car.

How about the Valve Stem?

While wandering through numerous wheels and car tires deals, you might not have had a chance to ensure the strength of such a minor component. Frankly, that’s exactly where most of the car owners go wrong. First of all the valve stem must not be considered as an invaluable or even least-valuable component in the car tyre. If something goes wrong with this, the consequence can be severe. Not to mention, the wheels experience many severe condition. It may wear out the sealant causing the severe trouble to tyre inflation eventually.

Did you know that the 25% of the total accidents take place due to improper tyre inflation? So the loss of air while driving is no exception. As per mechanism, the braking efficiency is likely to reduce and the load on the car engine is likely to increase if your car tyre loses the air pressure. Consequently, the braking distance also increase that's most likely to cause accidents. Therefore, just make sure to keep your valve stem in perfect order so that your car tyre has proper air pressure and the brakes function efficiently.

Tire Valve Stem caps

These cute little caps might seem as tiny as useless but they play an important role in shielding the valve stem. If you valve stem is not covered or protected properly, just a single minor damage to it can turn up severe consequences. Whereas the availability of the valve stem caps is most likely to prevent any possible accidents as well as damage to the vehicle. These small valve caps are actually designed in a ways that can provide complete protection to the valve stem.

The valve caps have the seals inside the body that act as the locking agent for stem. That especially designed sealant firmly covers the stem exterior alongside providing an additional security. The sealant, present in the cap, is supposed to prevent the air leakage. The additional sealant, which is in the form of valve cover enhances the safety and also prevents any possible loss of air. So whenever you head on to pick any wheels and car tires deals, make sure to check these things as well.


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