Dealing with shortness of breath during the course of pregnancy

Once your pregnancy progresses you may get into an unwind mode with a small exertion. As usual the pregnancy hormones are playing with your breath and respiratory infection medicine during pregnancy could provide you a degree of relief.

Would it be normal  to be short of breath during pregnancy?

A mild level of breathlessness could be less comfortable, but it is normal. It has to be stated that it is safe for your baby at the same has to be estimated that shortness of breath starts during the second trimester of pregnancy. In the later stages of pregnancy breathlessness is bound to increase once the baby grows.

The reasons on why shortness of breath takes place

It is observed that the pregnancy hormones stimulate your brain where the depth and frequency of your breaths increase. More amount of oxygen is needed for a developing baby and towards the later stages of pregnancy, the uterus tends to push against the abdominal wall once it grows. Your lungs are compressed which does limit their ability to expand fully when you breathe. In turn you get a feeling that you have run a long race whereas you just climbed a couple of stairs.

How to combat shortness of breath during pregnancy

Respiratory medicine in pregnancy medicine can eradicate the problem to a large extent, and you cannot merely bypass it as a mere pregnancy symptom.
  • Try as far as possible to be in a straight posture. When the posture is great it does provide your lungs with much more space to expand.
  • The best position for circulation is to sleep on the left side
  • You can take part in your daily activtities and indulge in some form of light exercise during the course of pregnancy. Make it a point that you listen to the body and do not push very hard
  • Whatever activity on the physical front you are doing, take it very easy

When the shortness of breath is going to end during the course of pregnancy?

This is something that you need to give a serious thought. You are likely to feel shortness of breath at the fag end of pregnancy, so that depletion of RBC occurs and you would need to check out with your doctor about your iron levels. Do consult with your doctor if you are prone to asthma as well.

Other points to consider

Gas or bloating is another symptom that could spring up during pregnancy and once again the hormone levels are responisible for the same. It is suggested that you do drink plenty of water so that diseases like constipation is kept at bay.
Another point to be noted is that include plenty of fiber as part of your diet. Fruits or legumes are to be an important part of your diet and this works out to be another option in order to curb pregnancy constipation. If you are having it for the first time incorporate it in a slow and steady manner.

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