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As we all are aware of the fact that the industrial sector of India is growing and developing at an increasing rate, the requirement for efficient labour force is also escalating. Men, as well as women, are migrating from rural areas to urban cities in search of job opportunities and to stumble upon the chance of earning good money. The employers are required to provide the good working environment and suitable conditions to the labour force. Also, the labourers should be paid the proper amount of wages for the work done by them.

But it is a shame that the labour class are not treated well in our society; they are not considered as equals in many parts of the country because of which they are subjected to torture and humiliations by their employers. It is high time that some firm actions should be taken by the government on behalf of such labour class people and unbiased jurisdictions should be passed on such matters.

Where to find the best labour attorney in Pune?

The state of Maharashtra, also known as the “financial capital of India” is the most prefered place to set up an industrial plant or a factory; the reason being the availability of cheap labour force. Most of the villages in Maharashtra are facing the problem of drought and as a result, the farmers are committing suicide due to their inability to pay back the loans. This is one of the major reason that people are migrating to cities and town in search of a better job.

The city of Pune is a hub of several industrial plants and the majority of the labours working there are from small villages. The employers do not provide them with an adequate amount of wages and they are not given proper place to stay or even enough food supplies. They are treated very badly and their condition is worsening day by day.

As per the constitution of our country, people who are working in organised or unorganised sectors have some labour rights, but because these people are mostly illiterate, therefore they are unaware of their own rights. They should be educated so that they can raise their voice against the injustice they face. There are many law consultancy firms where these people can find some of the best labour lawyers in Pune who can fight from their side in the court of justice.

Such lawyers can help the labour class people in filing a case against their employer if it is found out that such employers are not paying the fixed minimum wages to their employees or the health and safety measures in the industry or factory is outdated.

As most of the labour class people belong to poor families, these law firms charge a minimum amount of fee from them or at times they are rendered the services of the best labour attorney in Pune free of cost. Most of the NGO’s in Pune work for the betterment and upliftment of the labours and make sure that all the rules and regulations in accordance with the Indian labour law act are followed by the industrial sector.

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