Know about liver transplantation surgery

To digest food properly and to stay in good health, it is important for every person to have a healthy liver. It should be able to filter toxins from blood, to produce vital hormones and proteins and to stay alive. Fortunately, this particular organ is said to have incredible capability to repair itself if gets damage due to continuous exposure to bacteria, virus, and other harmful toxins. Unfortunately, excessive damages will not be of help for self repair.

In such a case, the learned and experienced doctors will not be able to do anything to reverse this damage. They can only hope to prevent further spreading of the damage to the other parts of the body. In severe cases, transplantation could be required by the patient from healthy donor to survive. But such surgeries are considered to be expensive and also difficult to be arranged at times. It is available only to those who can meet specific requirements. It is for this reason, one should first undertake thorough research on the web and find out the eligibility factor and to get the best possible treatment.


It is from deceased people that these healthy organs can be derived. They are those who have volunteered to have some of their body parts donated to those requiring it. At times, even living people may donate their healthy organs under certain circumstances. For instance, it is possible for the person’s liver portion to be transported to another person, thus allowing both to live for a long time. Although modern technology has enabled this procedure, still, the number of patients requiring new organs tends to excess those that are available currently.

It is for this reason, hospitals are required to ration all their resources carefully. They are to perform Liver Transplant surgery in India only in those patients who have greater chances of survival. The theory is medical car that is offered is to  be spent upon those who are likely to benefit from the procedure. Also, priority needs to be given to those patients who are noticed to be grave danger of losing their lives, in case, timely surgical procedure is not carried out.

Who cannot avail this procedure?

The patient may be found to be ineligible for the procedure, in case he has a condition which will make the procedure to be unsuccessful. Some examples are:
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Metastasized cancer (spread all over the body)
  • Diseases such as HIV or any life threatening infection
  • Severe brain injury that is associated with original condition
  • Co-morbid & likely terminal lung or heart conditions

On completion of the surgery, the patient is likely to take a long time to recover fully. The risks and chances of infection or the body rejecting the new organic can be reduced only by having full regimen of the prescribed medications.
For resuming regular activities of life, he will take about 3 months or even longer time to recover.

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