The Best Accessories to Wear with Abaya

Abaya is one of the most important dresses of the Muslim fashion. Usually, the traditional Abaya is a long black dress and it is often a bit oversized. But, today lots of experiments are taking places and fashion designers are trying to use their creativity to make the dress fashionable without disturbing its traditional form. Today, women are also quite fashion conscious and while buying designer casual Abaya and they never hesitate to experiment with colors, prints, and designs. As Abaya is a long, all-covered dress, you need to choose the accessories with it very carefully. What kind of accessories can you wear with Abaya? Read on to know more-

1. A Signature Neckpiece
With an Abaya maxi dress, a signature long neckpiece will accentuate your look. If you are wearing black traditional Abaya, wear it with long strands of pearl. You will look elegant and sophisticated. Pearl can go well with colorful Abaya too. If you want to experiment with your look, you can choose long neckpiece of semi-precious stones and beads. Junk jewelry always looks great with Abaya. Remember, as Abaya is an all-covered dress, you neckpiece must be longer.

2. Wear a Belt
Yes, many women prefer wearing a belt with Abaya. Sleek and designer belts can clinch your waistline and give you a well-balanced figure. You should always choose a belt that goes with your Abaya. If you are attending any casual occasion, wear leather belts. On the other hand, if you are attending any formal occasion or gala events, embellished belts will give you an amazing look. If you are a bulky woman, wearing a belt on your Abaya will create a beautiful curve in your body.

3. A Statement Bracelet and Ring
Many women prefer not to experiment with their Abaya too much. They prefer the traditional black Abaya or something plain. In that case, to bring an oomph factor to your look, you can wear a chunky bracelet and ring. Remember, if you want to wear both of them, use alternate hands for that. A signature ring will complete your look. If you are wearing a designer Abaya, wear simple bracelet and ring. You should remember that your look should not overpower your personality.

4. Buy a Brooch
Yes, a designer brooch can change the entire look of your Abaya as well as of you. If you are wearing a black Abaya, attach a brooch and change your look. You can also carry it in your purse. A classic vintage brooch looks sophisticated while a modern designer brooch can give you a chic look. Not only buying a brooch, but you should also know how to wear it. You can attach it to keep your scarf at the place or you can wear it on the left side of your dress.

These are certain accessories that you can wear with Abaya to make your look awesome. Along with these, you should also concentrate on your footwear. Wearing high heels will be perfect to elongate your appearance in a dress that covers you from top to bottom.

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