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The South Korean telecom giant Samsung has a lot of products in its name, but probably the cell phone market has given it the most credit as a brand. Today there is hardly anyone who has not heard the name of this brand in the world of mobile phones where it is a leading producer of various devices. By making the galaxy tab, it was possible for Samsung to know about the errors other companies have made and manufacture a computer tablet that would be able to endure the competition with reputed company’s products. In case you are interested in purchasing a Samsung tablet say Galaxy Tab for your work, you can be satisfied with below-given points.

1. It is found on four carriers
You can say it is the prime reason for selling of Samsung tab that it is found on all four wireless carriers T- mobile, sprint, AT &T, and version. As a result, buyers get an option and are not caught with a carrier that they do not like. With such an arrangement, competition increase considerably and it becomes possible for company owners as well as customers to have a good price.

2. It is portable, lightweight and is able to perform the function of a PC
It is clear that the Tab contains memory twice to its competitors having cameras, Android 2.2 OS, GPS, and 1GHz processor with only weight not more than a pound. The Galaxy tab is provided with a 7-inch screen which makes it look trimmed down the tablet and smaller than its competitor, but the small device is holding out functionality. It has a wonderful display of 1024 x 600 that can play videos of high definition.

3. Samsung has changed android apps for better performance
One more lesson that Samsung has learned from its competitor is that it started to make its own applications of android which perform better or get some benefit of their big screen. This development has urged the makers to produce apps that will run on tablets in place of smartphones that have small screens. It is still noted that the market of android is leaning towards the mobile phones and it is predicted that the apps used with respect to tab will increase in the coming year with a big hit using the technology of Samsung. There are many centers for fixing Samsung tabs, but Samsung tablet repairs NZ is most trusted one.

4. Phone calls are possible on it
It is very easy now to have video conferencing through Wi-Fi with the help of back and front cameras of the tab. Also, it can’t be said to be a phone so customers will not have to follow any kind of unnecessary voice plans. Nobody wants phone having a screen measuring 7 inch. It cannot be said that people are buying the tab for making calls, not in Europe also. Surely, the electronic market will accept this type of functionality and tablet repairs NZ will have to fix tabs with the new arrangement.

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