Indian Railway – A Lifeline of India

Indian Railways is India's nationwide railway system and the fourth-largest railway system in the world by size. Indian Railways is a network carrying cargo, commuters and visitors via suburban rail systems, toy trains and luxury trains. Indian Railways is the lifeline of the transport system in our country. It has a faithful ministry and budget in its name. Railways help a majority of India’s population commute to their workplaces on a daily basis. The Indian Railways is also responsible for carrying goods on a goods train. The railways also play an essential role during any national calamity by providing food, medicines, doctors and other resources to the affected people. The connectivity the railway system offers is simply brilliant; even the remote areas are linked to the rest of the country. The amount of people who depend on the railways for transport is beyond imagination owing to the cheap fares and the sheer abundance of trains in our country!

The Indian Railways caters to the needs of all classes of people, which is the requirement, as India is a multi-cultural country. It entails several classes of travel, with or without air-conditioning. Tariffs for all classes vary, and unreserved seating is the least costly. Some trains also include food in their fares. Luxury trains have separate dining cars, but they cost a lot. The different classes of operation are AC first class, AC two-tier, First class, AC three-tier, Executive chair car, AC chair car, Sleeper class.

Tickets may be reserved, up to 120 days in advance, on the official website, mobile apps, SMS or rail reservation counters at train stations. Indian Railway enquiryseat availability can be done to know whether seats are available for the particular train on the particular date of your choice. A Tatkal train ticket can be booked by commuters who want to travel on short notice with a reserved seat, but such tickets are a lot more expensive than regular tickets. Booked reservation tickets show the passenger and fare particulars along with berth or seat number(s) allocated on the ticket. If the reservation is not available on a particular train, the ticket has a wait-list number. A person with such a ticket must wait for enough cancellations to obtain a reservation. Reservation against Cancellation tickets allows a ticket holder to board the train and obtain a seat chosen by a ticket collector after the collector has found an unoccupied seat. Unreserved tickets, for short-distance or unplanned journeys, may be obtained at stations and such persons may only board the general compartments. A valid proof of the ticket along with photo identification is needed to get on to a train.

Indian Railway train fares are perhaps the lowest in the world. Discounted tickets are available for senior citizens, the disabled, students and athletes. One compartment of the lowest class is reserved for women on every passenger train.

Indian Railways offers the facility of booking Circular Journey Tickets. These tickets are especially helpful for sightseers. These tickets provide travel flexibility as they can be purchased for all classes of travel when the starting point and destination are the same. Circular Journey Tickets give you the benefit of considerably low fares. With these tickets, you save not only time but also the inconvenience of booking tickets at each point of the journey.

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