Working of Inverters for Giving Power to the Houses

Houses are becoming smarter due to the induction of smarter devices. Of these, the electrical devices take precedence, since without them the others cannot operate. Modern homes have adopted the alternate power supply (UPS) due to the frequent power outages. There is a need for continuous power as more and more people have begun to work from their homes. There is no assurance of the continuity of power in the houses as only the industries get continuous power for operations.

High Utility Value of an UPS Inverter

An inverter is another electrical device that is essential for our well-being. You can buy sine wave inverter online in India. This is advisable since you need not walk all the way to the shop and wait in line to get your inverter. The supplier will even send a team to fix your device so you need not search for any electricians to do the job.

The inverter helps the UPS unit convert the electrical power stored in the batteries of the UPS unit into usable power. This is because the stored power is in the form of Direct Current whereas the electrical devices in the house such as the fans and the light bulbs work on Alternating Current. The inverter helps the house owner to use the UPS power by converting the energy into the usable Alternating Current.

Types of Inverters

We have two kinds of inverters. One is the modified sine wave inverter and the other is the pure sine wave inverter. The Luminous pure sine wave inverter is one of the best types available in India. It has high performance and long life. The advantage of the pure sine wave inverter over the square wave inverter is that it produces a better power output.

When the power is in the Direct Current form, there is variation of the current as time passes. Because there is no change, you cannot convert the power to magnetic waves needed to activate the electrical devices such as the light bulb and the fan. Even our computer needs the changing Alternating Current energy to operate.

Operating the cycle

What the inverter does is to change the current form so that it remains positive for some time and then changes to negative current for a while. This cycle continues rapidly giving rise to as many as 50 cycles of rotation every second. Where the pure sine wave scores over the square wave is it gives smooth transition of the positive energy to the negative form. The square wave does not do this. It stays on Zero for some time and then abruptly drops to maximum or minimum voltage.

Then, it stays for some time at maximum (or minimum voltage) and then abruptly decreases (or increases) in value. As you realise, this kind of abrupt transition can damage sensitive electrical circuits. So, it is not advisable to use the square wave inverter with computers, halide lamps, clocks and alarms, night lights, flashlights, and other devices that do not have a transformer but uses a capacitive input, and more. Check the user manual of the device and see if the manufacturer allows the use of square wave inverters with the device.

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