Pick Education Companies to Make Wise Investments

For the people with money and searching for a place to invest, there is a wonderful opportunity in new companies and also the established ones. You can put your money in there because you know it will be safe. Choosing the type of company may give some problems and so here are some select education companies to check out.

Designed for children between two and six years of age, the learning app received funding for £1.2 million from several angel investors. This included the principals Accelerated Digital Ventures and Loca lGlobe. According to the company, this seed money will go to providing physical and digital offerings. This will help deliver the product to emerging markets.

If teachers need an app to find out which students need help, you can turn to the Zzish. This diagnoses learning gaps and makes schoolwork fun for the students. It uses Quizalize, an app that assesses the work of the students. Crowdcube has invested £1.3 million in the form of equities. The total funding it received amounted to £3.5 million. It is one of the fastest emerging Education firms in the UK.

This is an app for exam revision devised by Stanford University dropout George Burgess. It offers quiz questions numbering over 50.000 based on the curriculum. The start-up raised more than $1 million. Index Ventures led this seed round. It offers premium content from Oxford University Press and Mcgraw Hill Education.

Employee training and corporate e-learning is the focus of this start-up. The learning tool of AVADO is customizable making it easy to learn. It remains based on Moodle, the open source learning technology. They offer courses that have a lasting impact and change the way people learn online. It is useful for companies wishing to impart training to its present employees or add new courses for new recruits.

Imagine all the education videos in one place without any licensing issues or anything. This is what Knowledgemotion is about. Education providers use this platform to provide video clips through the boclips app. ICG Ventures and angel investors put up a funding of £1.2 million. Pearson, the publisher of education content has signed a deal with the company. It is one of the new Education companies in the UK that offers good investment opportunities for new entrepreneurs.

Primo Toys
A wonderful learning toy for kids three years old and above, FilippoYacob designed the Cubetto by Primo Toys. The kids learn to code using wooden blocks on the interface board. Children learn algorithms and debugging with as much ease as throwing a block. Kickstarter helped raise $1.6 million for the start-up. Cubetto retails for £195, not so cheap but definitely worth it if you have a kid and want to teach him or her coding methods.

Like health and medicine, education is one of the things that will never go out of contention. You can invest in these ventures knowing that your money will remain intact and grow over time. The would-be investors can check the companies given above and choose the ones they like. Invest early and get more rewards.

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