The Rise of Small and Big Companies through the Blockchain Technology

The rise of online ledger blockchain triggered the growth of commerce and industry in a way that ushered in a wave of prosperity in business. This is significant because until now all the commercial transactions remained fettered by the need for bookkeeping.  Every big business needed qualified accountants. All this changed and there was a new transparency along with the growth of new horizons because the blockchain was so dependable.

Many Uses of Blockchain
We see the versatility of the blockchain in the way it finds a use for a variety of purposes. It serves the business well and so remains one of the driving forces for the business. Here are a few instances of how it helped companies prosper and grow.

First is the spurt of the new companies that used the growing frontiers of the internet such as Paytm and Fastacash. They rank among the Best Asian Fintech companies because of their rapid growth. Fastacash remains based in Singapore and helps users make payments using Facebook and Twitter. Paytm is the Indian start-up that has a declared asset of $890 million. Blockchain helps small and medium marketplaces cater to the local demand in an effective way. When there are no banks to lend a hand, these marketplaces use the blockchain to make the best of the situation.

Online vaults available
One of the start-ups gives a bitcoin wallet along with a cold storage vault. You can also use a bitcoin-based credit card with this account. It is natural that this company figures in the top Fintech 100 list. There is a property insurance company that offers a guarantee for business enterprises along with e-commerce and mobile payment. The financial guarantee helps new businesses to survive. There is no doubt that the internet is taking over the world and the world marketplace.

Many of the new start-ups remain based on the blockchain network for their operation. One of them is ConnectJob a job connection network that helps people find work. It has a decentralized marketplace where you can meet prospective employers (or employees) and get placed. These remain based on peer-to-peer interactions. The innovative BlockchainTaxi is another to use the growing power of the blockchain for expanding its business. This business remains based on the drones for providing passenger service to commuters.

Stand-in for money
Some of the businesses expand the limits to what one may do, For instance, colu helps people interact and exchange money. This opens the businesses to everyone and anyone can pay or receive payment straight with colu. Meanwhile, the founders of the cryptocurrencies such as Ripple and the founder of Coinbase found themselves the richest people in cryptocurrency in 2018. Among other businesses that made the Fintech top 50 list, we see Veem. This business helps make and receive payments using the blockchain.

Small companies were actively doing small businesses. For example, there is the lending company that makes small loans and helps the people buy merchandise for small amounts. The Qudian began in 2014 and averages $136 in cash loans. So, there is interaction at the big level and at the small level also.

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