Create something new this rainy season

Arts and paintings give people pure joy of creating something on their own. That is why; art workshops can give people more opportunities to explore those creations.
There are art classes in Delhi where one can enrol to learn more. Or else they can indulge into variety of workshops that are happening around the city to give a boost to their creative side.

Impasto Texture Knife Painting Party by Delhi Drawing Room

This is happening on 30th June at Dramz, located in South Delhi. One needs to check in at 10.30 in the morning and it will go in till midnight. One needs to pay a registration fee of Rs 1500. If you want to explore your creativity and express yourselves with the help of art then this is it. One can use the Impasto technique and then leave some visible brush strokes on the finished painting. Most of the times, those brush strokes are actually more important than the subject matter. It is a thickly textured paint and it gives almost a 3 dimensional appearance. If you do not have any painting experience then this can be your perfect guided session. One can learn more on how to paint by using brushes, knives and acrylic paints. Things will be provided by the organisers.

Doorway to Bliss Painting Party by Delhi Drawing Room     

On 30th June one can step into the Kocreate, from 4.30 PM to 6.30 PM to be a part of this event. They need to register with an amount of Ra 1500 there. These painting parties are mostly casual get together that allows one to socialise and also have some fun time with likeminded people. In a social painting party the participants can drop all their anxieties and then paint. Their visual expressions take a form in given 2 hours. The materials needed will be provided by the organisers.The organisers will help you attain some classic memories while you paint, where the best part is that you don't need any experience to paint.

Walk in the Rain Painting Party by Delhi Drawing Room   
On 1st July check in to the Dunkin Donuts from 5 PM to 7 PM and register with an amount of Rs 1500. This is the best painting party to celebrate monsoon. You can take inspiration from all the things that are common in monsoons. It can be lightnings, clouds, rain drops, umbrellas, wet streets or rain drenched cities. Then in a couple of hours, create a landscape painting on a blank canvas. Canvas, art supplies are taken care of. Painters, beginners & non painters all are welcome. If you have no experience in drawing and painting then not to worry. You are still welcome.
Professional glycerine soap making course  

It is happening from 5th July to 7th July and the venue is at Crafts and Social Development Organisation. One has to pay an amount of Rs 9999 to be a part of this course or workshop. One can get to make a lot of flavoured soaps here.

So this monsoon get ready to do something new.

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